Slipper Care

Making Woolig Wool Slippers

Every single pair of Woolig wool slippers is made by loving hands of artists that earn fair wages, are insured and receive other benefits. 
Slippers are made in one piece with no stitches.
We are using certified, superfine quality 100% sheep wool from New Zealand.
Wool is colored with AZO FREE dyes to keep natural lanolin in fibers and don't harm our planet.
For best grip on any surface we use PHThalate FREE non-slip sole cover.

Caring for Woolig Wool Slippers

 All wool slippers can and in most cases will generate some woolen coarse inside the slippers. That is normal and natural process that can occur during first weeks of wearing.  

Wool naturally cleans itself or prevent the dirt to get in deeper layers to be accurate. However, if might happen that You drop some liquid on them and then a bit more serious cleaning would be needed.

In case of any cleaning, we advise to stick to dry cleaning in all cases. That's been said, for dust removal any vacuum cleaner will do its job perfectly inside out. If You have a stain, You have to evaluate how big is it. For smaller ones You can wash the spot using Your own two hands, some soap and cool water. Rub the spot with soap and rinse of with water. Then let the slipper dry for some hours to a day, depending how much water You have poured on it. 

If You want to wash whole slippers, best way would be doing it by hand washing in cool temperature. Why cool, because warm and hot will shrink Your slippers, same way as it does to wool or cashmere jumper. After washing, put Your feet in moist slippers to shape them to Your feet and leave to dry. When drying, try to avoid direct sunlight, as we are using non toxic dyes on wool and they can fade in direct sunlight.  

Remember, professional dry cleaners can always bail You out in case You don't want to do the cleaning Yourself.